Order your custom Amazon Kindle HTML Book Description 


After the Cover, It’s the Description That Sells Books!

You’ve written the manuscript and want to get sales, but much of that depends on having a clearly written and well-formatted Amazon description.

People DO judge a book by its coverso if you have good cover and title, your next priority should be on another thing they will see before purchasing.  The Amazon description will let them know WHY they should buy your self-published classic and the benefits they should expect to receive.

I write formatted descriptions, including HTML codes, to get the attention of buyers and help them make that “go for it” decision.

I will give you up to three re-writes to get to fine tune the description to meet your expectations.  We both want your book to make it to the best-seller rankings quickly.

Submit no more than four books at a time!

I only write for nonfiction and prefer titles designed to teach people how to accomplish something important in life.  I never write for erotic themed materials of any kind, nor for non-traditional religious titles.  You must make the book available to me in one of these formats: doc, docx, pdf, mobi, azw3, epub, or rtf.   If the book is in the KDP Select program, I can also borrow it for free from Amazon.

Still have questions?  Please contact me through my email: gary@publishingpoints.net If not… Go ahead, place your order, so we can get your masterpiece into the hands and minds of your readers. 

ACT NOW!  Start promoting your book directly from that page with strong HTML coding!  Then you’ll immediately be able to upload your manuscript to this site.  If you have an urgent need to have the description completed, contact me in advance to be sure I can schedule your description(s) on time. 

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