Ghostwriting can and perhaps should be part of your plan. As a freelancer, I’ve done a variety of writing. That includes love letters written for a twenty-something man who wanted to touch the heart of his girlfriend as Valentine’s Day was approaching last year. I’ve written essays and articles as well, but I have moved away from these projects to longer ones that are more rewarding and enjoyable because of the research involved.

Books & eBooks

It may come as a surprise to you that many famous authors don’t do all their writing. Instead, they develop the concepts, prepare an outline, and assign portions of the work to a ghostwriter. Throughout the writing process, they maintain some level of contact with their ghostwriters so that the final product is a collaboration. Many modern celebrities have their biographies written that way. It doesn’t need to be a celebrity memoir, however. Recently a man contacted me seeking to have four biographies written.  The books will be based on interviews with his and his wife’s parents. Since these parents are now in their 80s, they want to be sure that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren have a permanent record of their lives.

I can write your ebook on your favorite nonfiction topic. I’ve previously written 11 books in my name, six of them becoming #1 in their categories on Amazon. Also, I’ve written dozens of other books and many more articles for various authors. I’ve edited or formatted well over 43 books in the past two years. During the past several months, I’ve also written several lead magnet books and reports that authors use to build their email lists.

If I can help you reach your goals, I will do my very best. Before ordering, contact me at to discuss your project goals, pricing, and delivery date.  My pricing depends on the topic and the amount of research needed.  You can also look at my Amazon author page at

When you decide to use my services, I will provide a link to a page where you can securely upload your manuscript files directly into my Dropbox™. Then, you can pay my fee through the secure servers at PAYPAL.