How Can We Help You?

Hi, there! My name is Gary Webb. I am a freelance author services provider. That simply means that I do ghostwriting, copyediting, developmental editing, book layout formatting, and Amazon book descriptions. I’ve been doing these tasks for other authors for about two years and really enjoy the cooperative relationships I’ve formed.

As you look through my site for help with your writing, I’m sure I won’t answer every question you have. Each author is unique in his or her skill sets and weaknesses. Sometimes, new authors have questions about the self-publishing process and what options are available to them. These are conversations that brighten my day. I’m glad to take a few minutes to help. Sometimes, I can answer directly. For other needs, I may refer you to a book or website that can give you more information than I have time to offer. These mini-consultations are always free.

Some authors don’t understand the editing process or the kinds of editing available. Although I can handle many of these needs for a moderate price, some of the more advanced editing would be too time-consuming for me at this point in my growth. In those cases, I will refer you to an editor that has more experience in that particular type of editing. For example, some authors need an editor with a special background in health or technology. My limitations might make it unaffordable for me to take such a job. I do have a page that explains the general types of editing. In addition, I am in the process of writing a book about self-editing for authors. Quality self-editing can save you a lot of money, so I’m looking forward to getting that book on the market. In fact, all of my books related to writing and publishing will soon be available on this site.

Book layout formatting is another very popular service that we provide. I do formatting for both print and ebooks. The requirements for both are different in many ways. For example, ebooks do not have headers or footers. They don’t have page numbers or a numbered table of contents. However, the ebooks do have features that a print book cannot provide. For example, they have a clickable table of contents. When you click an item in this type of TOC, you will be immediately moved to that position in the ebook. Formatting for ebooks can be challenging when authors include large tables or low-contrast, low-resolution photos, but we usually can find a way to make it work.

Many of our clients like to have high-quality book descriptions written. They are great writers, but when it comes to writing a winning book description, they have difficulty bragging about their own work. I don’t have that problem. I simply present the book, not as a string of sentences that tell what’s inside the book, but as a sales tool. I tell potential buyers about how the book will benefit them–how it will rock their world. I also use HTML tags to emphasize key points with headlining, bold or italic fonts, bullets or numbering, whatever it takes to catch the eye of buyers.

I also do ghostwriting–everything from love letters to memoirs to full-size nonfiction books. This is one of the things I enjoy most because I get to interact with the authors. My goal isn’t to write by own book, but to write theirs. I want it to have their unique voice and express their own perspective. At this point, I do NOT ghostwrite novels or other fiction.

If we can help you reach your self-publishing goals, please let us know. After all, I’m just an email away!


Gary Webb, Th.D.